Mini RIC Digital Hearing Aids With Fantastic Speech Intelligibility

Mini RIC Digital Hearing Aids With Fantastic Speech Intelligibility


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  • Brand Name: LISM
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name: AcoSound (Echo for Love)
  • Model Number: 430 RIC (Hottest Type)
  • Feature: Better Speech Intelligibility (Broader Bandwidth)
  • Colors: Skin Beige/Grey/Black
  • Applicable User: Mild to Severe Hearing Loss
  • Fitting Range: <=105 dB
  • Peak Gain: 42±4 dB
  • HFA FOG50: 31±4 dB
  • Channel: 4
  • Band: 8
  • Program: 4
  • Certificate: CE/ ISO13485
Product Description

Something about RIC Hearing Aid

1. Why is RIC Hearing Aid leading the trend?
In the past decade, the RIC style of hearing aid have really gained its popularity. In fact, according to the latest reports, over half of all hearing aids sold today are RIC Hearing devices. Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound directly into the ear. The hearing aid and receiver are connected by a thin tube which houses an electrical cable. A tiny, soft tip sits inside the ear canal without sealing it. This way, air and sound can continue to flow to the ear canal naturally, reducing feelings of being “plugged up.” So, to some extent, RIC Hearing Aid has unparalled advantages over other types.

2. How can AcoSound RIC Hearing Aid cover 90% of the elderly hearing loss?
AcoSound is a high-tech company introducted by local government. We are equipped with advanced audiometric room, experienced audiologists, facilities and distributors arond China. The RIC hearing aid is developed and consistantly refined after we have studied hundreds of thousands hearing impared audiogram. Unlike some other manufacturers that buy the software directly from the software developer, AcoSound possesses all technologies, both the software and hardware.

3. AcoSound Mini RIC      VS      Other Brands RICs
a) Super Mini: We dare to boast that our Mini RIC belongs to the smallest top 3 RIC hearing aid in the world.
b) Powerful: Tiny as mentioned above, we still maintain powerful features, suitable to fit the mild to severe hearing loss.
c) High Frequency Responce: Our Tiny RIC has expectional High Frequency Responce, enabling the patient to hear more sound that contains high frequency.
d) Superior Clear Sound: With our own amplification compression algorithem, the noise is effectively suppressed, and the sound with signal is amplified as excepted. The sound is crystal clear, we have the best signal noise ratio.
e) Affordable: Our products are the most cost-effective products in the world. The products with the same function in the same level will cost you 10 times as our price.

Main Technical Data of 430 RIC


     Technical Data
Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL):
Peak Gain (dB):
HFA Full on Gain (dB):
Total Harmonic Distortion:
500HZ < 0.2%
800HZ < 1.4%
1600HZ <1.5%
EQ Input Noise (dB):
Baterry Current (mA):
1.2±0.2 (7~10 days usage)
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Our Company
Q1: Is AcoSound a Manufacturer?
A1: 100% Manufacturer, and we are the solo company that owns both software and hardware patents in China.
Q2: I’ve just entered in hearing aid industry, can AcoSound help my business?
A2: Yes, AcoSound is willing to help any businessman, even starts from scratch. Every business starts from Zero.
Q3: Does AcoSound have RD?
A3: Yes, we have our RD department. We constantly keep up with the new technology and modern design. Be our partner and let’s look forward to our next new products.


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