Good quality Optimum 30 Super power BTE hearing aid CE

Good quality Optimum 30 Super power BTE hearing aid CE


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  • Type: Hand Tool Parts
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Mecan
  • Model Number: Optimum 30
  • Properties: Other
  • Item: digital computer hearing aid
  • Channels: 4 Channels
  • Type: Digital Computer Fitting 4 channels
  • signal processing: Up to 36 channel
  • adjustable compression DDRC: Up to 10 channel
  • technology of Elite products: based on DSP chip
  • Hearing Aid: Tiny in Size, Power
  • Fitting Range: ≤65dB

Products Description

Good quality Optimum 30 Super power BTE hearing aid CE

Model: Optimum 30

Excellent “Elite”, wonderful life.

The technology of Elite products are based on DSP chip which has high-spend and multi-core calculation and advanced algorithm. The Elite products will provide you a high-quality sound by the exclusive audio signal processing function and perfect bionic perception to the sound.

Optimum series is generated by the newest technology which provide you with the clearly hearing by up to 36 channel signal processing, 10channel DDRC adjustable compression, super quiet technology and 5th generation feedback cancellation.

Up to 36 channel signal processing

Up to 36 channel of signal processing and bionic technology, it can distinguish the noise and speech signal, weak the loud sound, restore the original sound, and give you a clearly hearing and wonderful life.

Up to 10 channel adjustable compression DDRC

Optimum series with up to 10 channel adjustable compression DDRC, accurately fitting the different audiogram well, meeting the various hearing loss, improve the clarity of the listening.

Super quiet technology

Super quiet function will block the background noise efficiently, like the noise of computer host, noise of air-condition, noise of fan and some other upsetting noise. This can provide you a quiet listening environment.

Process of Purchase

(1). If you are a final user,contact me please and send me your audiogram,so I can advise you a suitable one according to your audiogram.

Q: What is audiogram?

A: we suggest that you can go to your local hospital to find a ENT doctor to hearing aid test for you and then you can have a hearing loss test report to indicate your hearing loss degree, we call the hearing loss report as audiogram.
(2). If you are a reseller, contact me and tell me what types you like, I will send you our catalogue and price list.

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