Cadenza Me-200p Rechargeable assistive listening devices for hearing impaired Pocket hearing aid

Cadenza Me-200p Rechargeable assistive listening devices for hearing impaired Pocket hearing aid


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  • Brand Name: LanYuXuan
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Certification: CE
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China
  • Brand Name: CADENZA
  • Model Number: ME-200P
  • Product name: Assistive listening devices
  • Type: Rechargeable
  • Signal Type: Digital
  • Advantage: Manufacturer wholesale price, cheap
  • Certificate: CE, ISO13485
  • Suitable For: Adults, elderly, kids
  • Scene: classroom, churches and theaters
  • Programmed: non-programmable
  • Features: Tiny size, fashion design, fast charging
  • Services: Customized or OEM,ODM is available.

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Product Description

Cadenza ME-200P rechargeable assistive listening devices, its mode selection is designed in two listening environments. It can easily adjust the volume, power switch and mode selection according to the needs of 4 different buttons. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.



Product Features


UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE – 2 mode with 15 volume, more by up to 60 DB of amplification, enjoy your clearer conversations right now.


USER FRIENDLY – Cadenza Me-200p PSAP came professionally pr-programmed, simple 4 buttons makes It easy to use for listening need. For seniors, no difficulty dealing with little push buttons that they can’t Feel 100%.


BEST POCKET HEARING SOLUTION – Thin plate and ultra lightweight, you can clip it on your cloth, compact design with only 12.2g, not be a burden for anyone.


SAVE YOUR TIME – No batteries, one charging for one hours and lasts 20 hours. Orange LED indicator shows low battery.




Purchase Guide

AUSTAR hearing founded in 2003, as a national high-tech enterprise, we has been dedicating to improve the hearing of hearing-impaired people through the advanced technology. Our business covers hearing aids, hearing devices and Audiology-related equipments.

For wholesalers/ distributors:

If you are distributors/wholesalers and are interested in our products or are looking for a new reliable supplier for hearing aid business. Please contact us and tell you what type you like, and we will send you our product catalog and price list. AUSTAR focus working with a few clients, and offer 100% support to each one.


AUSTAR is the leading hearing aid manufacturer in China, we are not only your supplier, but your partner and technical supporter. Austar hearing commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices, help you expand your market and save cost!


For the end customer:

If you are an end user, please contact us and send us your audiogram so that we can recommend a suitable hearing aid based on your audiogram.


Q: What is an audiogram?


Answer: We suggest that you can go to a local hospital to find an otolaryngologist to do a hearing aid test for you, and then you can get a hearing loss test report showing the extent of your hearing loss. We call it a hearing loss report as an audiogram.


The audiogram is as follows:


Signs of Loss of Hearing

The consumers who suspect they suffer from hearing loss should obtain a thorough medical evaluation, preferably by an ear specialist, to have their hearing tested.

You may have hearing loss if

  • people say you are shouting when you talk to them.
  • you need the TV or radio turned up louder than other people do.
  • you often ask people to repeat themselves because you can’t hear or understand them, especially in groups or when there is background noise.
  • you can hear better out of one ear than the other.
  • you have to strain to hear.
  • you can’t hear a dripping faucet or a high note of a violin.
  • Feel annoyed at other people because you cannot hear or understand them?

Most users encounter the above-mentioned hearing impaired problem and usually choose to buy the personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) they see on the TV. In fact, this choice is completely wrong, they don’t know the difference between hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers.

Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers: Know the Difference

In March 2009, Food and Drug Administration issued guidance describing how hearing aids and personal sound amplifying devices differ.

The guidance defines a hearing aid as a sound-amplifying device intended to compensate for impaired hearing. PSAPs are not intended to make up for impaired hearing. Instead, they are intended for non-hearing-impaired consumers to amplify sounds in the environment for a number of reasons, such as for recreational activities.

How to compensate for impaired hearing

If you have the above hearing impairment problems, you’ve come to the right place. AUSTAR hearing specializes in R&D and manufacture of hearing aids. AUSTAR is the largest manufacturer of professional hearing aids with medical standards in China, and has been helping the hearing impaired people for more than 18 years. Choose a hearing aid instead of PSAPs, hearing aid is a sound-amplifying device intended to compensate for impaired hearing.

Types of hearing aids and how to choose what’s best for you

At present, the hearing aids produced by AUSTAR mainly include pre-programmed and programmable behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids.

BTE hearing aids are worn behind the auricle and are easy to maintain. They have a wide frequency response range, and the applicable hearing loss ranges from mild to severe.

ITE hearing aids are also called customized hearing aids, including ITE, HSE, ITC, CIC and IIC. It has the characteristics of convenient application, comfort and beauty, making it more convenient to make and receive calls.

Rehabilitation plan for first time users or those using new hearing aids

Below is rehabilitation plan for first time users or those using new hearing aids.

The first week 1 to 2 hours wearing per day, you are suggested to wear in a relatively quiet environment to familiarize and distinguish various sounds.
The second week 4 to 8 hours wearing per day, you may wear your hearing aids and walk in a relatively quiet environment to listen around.
The third week You may wear hearing aids and go to public areas. You may have dialogue with your friends or even strangers.
The fourth week You may prepare for travelling to another city, go to supermarket, restaurant, participate in music concert or watch video. You can do whatever you like! then you may find many enjoyments in life with clear hearing again.


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In addition to the above certificates, we also have FSC certificates and a number of Chinese new type patent certificates. If you need, please contact us.


You are manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer, our price will be very competitive and we are flexible. Also we have great sales team providingprofessional service.

How to order?

  1. Contact us for product prices.
  2. After we made agreement, you send us payment, we will arrange production.
  3. Usually, it may need 1-3 working days , when order over 50pcs, we need 3-15 working days.
  4. We will arrange delivery for you and provide you the tracking number.
  5. Order finished, after-sale service and further cooperation.

Do you provide OEM/ ODM services?

We can provide OEM and ODM services. We have 2 factories with 6 specialized R&D teams focusing on design, engineering and processing, as well as listening solutions.

Do you have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

We will sign a confidentiality agreement to protect our intellectual property. We promise you that we will never show it in public or show it to other clients.

About Payment or other question:

Pls email me or chat with me on TradeManager directly.


Any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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