BN802 Bone Conduction earphone Hearing Aid headphone for old man built-in battery sound amplifier headset sport TV earphone

BN802 Bone Conduction earphone Hearing Aid headphone for old man built-in battery sound amplifier headset sport TV earphone


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  • Brand Name: bonein
  • Style: Headphone
  • Certification: CE
  • Vocalism Principle: Bone Conduction
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Control Button: Yes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Communication: Wired
  • Volume Control: Yes


BN802 is a bone conduction hearing aid headphone , instead of using traditional speaker , it use bone conduction technology to transmit sound .

unlike traditional earphones transmit sound by air , BN802 doesn't plug or cover users' ears, It transmit sound by skull to help people with weak ear drum and poor hearing .

And of course people with good hearing also can wear BN802 , in that case, users could hear outside voice and earphone voice at the same time . while people nearby can't hear your BN802 , but you can listen to them and listen to your BN802 at the same time . BN802 can be used when you are working , studying ,sporting ,or for hearing aid purpose .


1. When the elderly communicates with his family, wearing the 802 hearing aid earphone , he can clearly receive the voice of his family.
2. For the elderly and their family watch TV together , but don't need turn the TV voice to uncomfortable level for normal people .
3. Connect the control box with the mobile phone through the audio cable, so that the elderly can make phone calls and listen to music.
4. Use the audio cable to connect the control box with the radio, PAD and other equipment. The elderly could hear the sound of the devices clearly from 802 earphone .
5. The microphone of the control box receives the sound of the outside world, and the person wearing the headset 802 can hear sound around .

BN-802 headset consists of bone conduction headphone and control box. BN-802 has below main functions:
1. As hearing aid headphone for the elderly, For the elderly with hearing impairment, it can improve their hearing.
2. As bone conduction healthy headphones, it can be used by young people and old people. The biggest advantage of bone conduction headsets
is: do not harm hearing, more healthy.
3.802's control box can separately adjust right /left voice volume .

*The bone conduction earphone is very useful for people with weak ear drum , but hearing nerve is still good . This is a general condition for most elderly . but if your hearing nerve is damaged , this earphone can't help , pls don't buy . you can consult your doctor for advice in advance .

PS. if traditional hearing aid by air is helpful to you , the bone conduction earphone is useful for you too , in a healthy way .

*The bone conduction earphone transmitter sound through user's skull , instead of by air , New user might need spend some time to learn and find a most suitable position to wear the earphone .

*People with good hearing might feel the bone conduction earphone voice is low or noisy . it's because usually people with good hearing would focus on the sound through his ear drum only , and ignore sound through skull , and even turn the bone conduction earphone volume to highest to try listen clearly . such doing is not correct , bone conduction earphone works in different way with traditional speakers . Pls let the user with poor hearing try by themselves ,the earphone is very helpful for them , they can listen the sound through skull clearly .


Frequency range: 20~20kHz
Microphone sensitivity: -54±2dB
Working time: 8 -10 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Input: DC 5V, Max500mA
Weight: 354g
Battery: Lithium-ion battery capacity 3.7V 380mAh
Package Size: Approx. 20*16*5cm/7.87*6.3*1.97in

Do not use it on rainy/stormy days.
When using for the first time, fully charge the bone conduction headphones.
Support for simultaneous use and charging of headphones, LED lights remain red.
The standard charging time is 3 hours. Please do not charge over 24 hours. Otherwise it will affect battery life.


1 * Bone Conduction Headphone
1 * Micro-USB Cable
1 * Audio Cable
1 * User Manual

bonein is a prestigious Chinese company , focus on audio technology and hearing health industry .our BN802 earphone with latest bone conduction technology , it transmit sound through ear ossicle instead of ear drum . unlike traditional air conduction hearing aid earphones , simply raising sound level to hit the ear drums , this method might lead to further damage to elderly's ear drums . our bone conduction earphone transmit sound through ear ossicle (a soft bone enclosuring ear nerve ), goes directly to ear nerve and protect elderly's ear drum .

BN802 is also good for young people to wear for listening music , watching TV . it's a brand new hearing healthy earphone .

How Bone conduction earphone give you good hearing and protect your ears ?

1.Auditory nerve is the final hearing organ.

2.Ear drum receive sound wave and transmit to Auditory nerve .Most elderly’s ear drums are damaged , lead to bad hearing .

3.Ear ossicle is a soft bone enclosing Auditory nerve . Ear ossicle vibration also can transmit sound to Auditory nerve . (by bone conduction earphone )

Most elderly’s ear drums are damaged , lead to bad hearing .However Auditory nerve is the final hearing organ ,most elderly’s auditory nerve is still good .Auditory nerve is enclosed by Ear ossicle soft bone .

Bone conduction earphone transmit sound through ear ossicle instead of ear drum .it can
protect elderly’s ear drum ,and give elderly good hearing .

Traditional hearing aid earphone transmit sound by air through ear drum simply by enhancing sound wave ,It might lead to further damage to elderly’s ear durm .and elderly would get more and more annoyed and painful by wearing traditional hearing aid earphone .

Bone conduction earphone is an innovative and healthy hearing aid product for elderly .

What is real bone conduction ?

Bone conduction technology is to create vibration around user's cheek to transmit sound to user's hearing nerve through soft ear bone inside .It is a revolutionary hearing aid technology , and very suitable for users with poor hearing drum .

However because when creating vibration , it cause air wave at the same time —- it makes sound like traditional speakers at the same time . So some manufacturers use traditional air conduction speaker or use very tiny and weak "so called " bone conduction component to pretend bone conduction earphone . Those so called tiny bone conduction earphones can't make much vibration , actually still transmit sound by air like traditional speakers . So users can't feel the advantage of bone conduction technology with those " fake " earphones .

We advice customers who want to enjoy bone conduction technology , choose those earphones with bigger and better bone conduction components .

Real Pictures Show

Below are real pictures shot by camera .you can see high quality craft and exquisite package of the product . Excellent gift for parents , friends .

High quality and exquisite package ,excellent gift to loved ones .

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