Audifonos Mini Portable Hearing aid Bluetooth 5.0 waterproof independent intelligent App BTE Hearing Aids with Rechargerable

Audifonos Mini Portable Hearing aid Bluetooth 5.0 waterproof independent intelligent App BTE Hearing Aids with Rechargerable


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  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Certification: CE
  • Model Number: W3

Excellent Sound Quality: The hearing aids

come with a Bluetooth function, which can be connected with your

smartphone, allowing you to easily connect to your mobile phone and

listen to music in your free time. These hearing aids for seniors rely

on multi-channel digital DSP sound processing technology for crisp

audio. These bluetooth hearing aids also use FBC acoustic feedback

suppression for clear transmissions.Ready for All-Day Use: Wear this hearing aid for hearing all day and

night without replacing batteries all the time.

This rechargeable hearing aid pair delivers a maximum sound output of

122 +/- 3dB. Intelligent

Noise Reduction: Hearing amplifiers are intelligently automatically

adapt to the surrounding environment, bluetooth hearing aid will not

produce harsh calls due to sudden noises, constant sound output human

hearing comfortable volume, easy to wear anytime and anywhere, provide

good sound quality, furthermore, these hearing amplifiers for seniors

also double as earphones for you to listen to your favorite music.Lightweight charging bin: These 5.0 bluetooth hearing aids for adults

come with their own multi-functional charging hearing aid case, which

can hold enough power for 3 full charges. The amplifier case also serves

as a fast charger, protecting your earpieces from dirt and foreign

substances while not in use. The discrete, lightweight hearing aids for

seniors rechargeable with noise cancelling design are water resistance

up to IP65. Sweat-proof and drop-proof!Simple! Easy To Use: The rotatable ear plugs for hearing aids can be

easily used as a device for the left and right ears. Ear amplifier

hearing aids can easily button control, easy to power on/off and adjust

the volume, user friendly and convenient. No need for adjusting or

tuning the bluetooth hearing protection. The sound amplifier is

delivered right to your door and ready to use out of the box.

Rechargeable hearing aids come with additional earplugs so you can find

the best fit for you.

1. Fast charging lithium battery, 15 minutes of charging can be used for 10 hours (hearing aid mode);

2. Charging time ≤ 1.5h, a single battery life is about 24h (the host is fully charged and lasts in pure hearing mode without Bluetooth connection);

3. Multi-channel digital chip, 32-bit main control chip, professional and worry-free;

4. Nano waterproof technology, IP65 level waterproof and dustproof;

5. External moving iron (RIE), wide dynamic, high fidelity;

6. Bluetooth 5.0, TWS true wireless Bluetooth technology;

7. App independent and intelligent fitting, open adjustment, simple and easy to use;

8. Independent research and development of audiometry algorithm and adaptive fitting algorithm

9. Carry the charging box with you, built-in 550mAh high-capacity lithium battery, double charging ≥3 times;

10. The total battery life of dual machines is about 24h+24*3h (used with a charging box);

Bluetooth music playback time ≥ 4h (when the host is fully charged);

11. Micro USB charging, easy to use;

12. Visual LED power indicator;

13. The charging box comes with ultraviolet light sterilization function;

Packing List:1 pair of hearing aid with charging box



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