Bluetooth hearing aids is wireless, Bluetooth technology is a secure wireless platform.

Bluetooth hearing aids are very convenient,Hearing aids with Bluetooth allow you to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, tablet, and television so that you can stream sound directly into your hearing aids.

“What are the benefits of streaming via Bluetooth?


Whether you direct stream to your iPhone or you use an additional device to access your mobile phone or music player, a streamer provides many opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Personalized listening experience

The audio signal can usually be set to stream to one or both hearing aids and the streamed signal can be amplified and customized to match the aid’s settings, such as for music listening. The volume of the stream may be controlled by the streamer or the hearing aids, depending on the manufacturer’s design. For music, your hearing aids can become a set of wireless earbuds. For an iOS or Android phone, you may want to stream the signal to just one hearing aid so as to keep the other one for other sounds in the room.

Bluetooth hearing aids make life easier.

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